Originally from Cambridge Bay, David Panioyak has lived in Ottawa since 2016, attending the Urban Aboriginal Alternate High School. His small-town childhood was tough. His father wasn’t around, he got into fights, he was bullied and beaten up, and he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction.

Since 2014, David has been making music. He’s both an artist and self-taught music producer, making his own beats, writing lyrics, and performing. He makes songs to benefit Inuit and create positive changes. In 2018, he self-released his anticipated debut album “Nutaak Pilihaat | New Beginnings”.

His song on the Ajungi album is based on his experi- ences facing depression and suicidal thoughts, and how he used music as a positive outlet to cope with the traumatic experiences.

David is a part of the Strong Minded Inuit (SMI) initiative, creating music, presentations, and work- shops, and doing one-on-one sessions with young people at the Inuit Children’s Centre in Ottawa. The group is committed to suicide prevention.

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