Thomas Matthew Lambe – known in Nunavut as 666god – is an up-and-coming rap artist.

Originally from Grise Fiord, the northernmost community in Canada (with a population of about 120 people), he spent his childhood in Iqaluit.

A self-taught artist and music producer, 666god is always working to improve his technical and artistic skills, mastering the rules of the music industry game in the process.

In 2019, his song (with fellow Inuk rapper Hyper-T) won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Original Song in the feature film The Grizzlies.

666god’s music blends cutting-edge beats with a unique style of laid-back flows and spitfire rhymes. He seamlessly mixes urban and pop culture with elements of his upbringing in Nunavut. 666god

is also part of the LOELIFE crew, and frequently collaborates with artists from across Canada.

He currently lives in Iqaluit.

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